1Platinum Concierge
is a global luxury concierge
based in Dubai, providing premium
and bespoke lifestyle support
& management.

1Platinum Concierge
provide our members with
the ease and comfort that come
along running their hectic lives
on their behalf.

With over 2,000 active
members and an extensive
international business network,
1Platinum Concierge supplies 1000’s
of hotels, tour operators, concierges and
businesses all over the world with events
tickets, luxury watches and
local services within the
Middle East.

Our services vary from
high end luxury events
organising through to travel
arrangements, security, restaurant
bookings and meet and greets.
We have direct access to luxury
apartments, private islands,
helicopters, private jets
and more.

1Platinum Concierge

Bespoke Lifestyle
And Luxury Services

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