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Why build a Loyalty Program?

With our experience and expertise in loyalty programs, 1Platinum continue to grow our network locally and internationally. There is growing demand for businesses to develop loyalty and incentive programs to drive customer retention and offer a competitive edge. These programs are proven to deliver repeat business, effectively upsell and build stronger and longer lasting relationships with customers.

In an increasingly competitive market place, an effective loyalty program can often be the difference that propels businesses to the top of their market place.

How does it work?

Loyalty programs are based on value added benefits for your customers or employees. These value added benefits can range from services, products, educational support and much more.

The reason why 1Platinum Concierge has become a market leader in building these programs for our clients is simple. We have access to products, services and world wide event tickets which form the foundation of our Loyalty and Incentive Programs. Dependant on our clients requirements and needs, we tailor and customise each loyalty program to ensure the value added benefits are perfectly suited to the clients customers.

Here's an example. . . 

Company X has 50,000 customers. 5,000 of these customers are the top tier spenders. Company X wants to give these VIP customers a better level of service and offer them some extra benefits to ensure they are happy and continue to remain customers of Company X.

1Platinum Concierge offer Company X the following services for their premium customers -

  • Dedicated phone line for concierge requests 
  • Access to sold out and VIP events worldwide
  • Express VIP hotel, restaurant and nightclub bookings
  • Sourcing of luxury products including swiss movement watches and jewellery
  • Ticket prize giveaways and special limited offers
  • VIP & private events organising
  • Luxury rentals including cars, yachts, private jets and helicopters
  • Security services including transport and personal

1Platinum Concierge can offer the following platforms for Company X - 

  • Dedicated website with database management
  • Loyalty program Application for IOS & Android
  • Custom CRM system, with intergration to existing Company database

Additionally, Company X also request to add some specific value added benefits, based around their customer needs and behaviors. 1Platinum Concierge work closely with Company X to establish, manage and maintain these, along with intergrating these specific benefits into the existing loyalty program benefits.

All services are fully operated and managed by 1Platinum Concierge, either under our own business brand or as a white label, under Company X’s name. Based on the size of Company X's customers, the range of services provided and the objectives, 1Platinum Concierge will provide a monthly price to develop, manage, maintain and all services. 

Company X recieve a monthly report, outlining progress, services, and activities from thier dedicated account manager.

Our successful Loyalty Programs

1Platinum Concierge has successfully built and managed a number of loyalty programs for our clients. We have worked with banks, retail outlets, nightclubs & restaurants and a number of SME's. See below some examples of our work - 

Bank Audi - The Audi Events Club
LGB Bank - Yacht Loyalty Card
Cavalli Nightclub - Ghostess Loyalty rewards program
Watch Concierge - Collectors Club Incentive program

Interested in a loyalty program for your business? Arrange a meeting with the 1Platinum Concierge dedicated team to discuss how you can take your business to the next level with a customised loyalty program, focused on customer retention and driving new business. Email sp@1platinumconcierge.com or call us today on 04 369 7755.