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The Platinum Membership is an individual membership where the member is offered worldwide services from Monday till Friday from 9 am till 5 pm (GMT+2).

This membership is to be used solely by the Platinum member. An annual USD 2,000 membership fee is required to be entitled to this membership.

A membership card with a private ID number is provided upon registration.

Platinum Elite

The Platinum Elite Membership is an individual membership, offering a one on one service to the elite of the Middle Eastern society from services and products around the world.

A dedicated lifestyle manager is assigned and the Elite Member can choose one beneficiary to grant him/her access to the use of the Concierge Service.

The Elite Member is entitled to a 24/7 service. An annual USD 8,000 membership fee is required to be entitled to this membership. Two membership cards with a private ID number are provided to the member and beneficiary.

Platinum Celebrity

The Platinum Celebrity is an individual membership tailored for celebrities and is acquired by invitation only. 1Platinum Concierge is proud to have amongst its members, celebrities who are excelling in their field of work. Our duty is to help them manage their time by handling their lifestyle needs while they are busy working on their new projects.

1Platinum Concierge works hand in hand with the celebrities’ PR agencies in order to market and promote each celebrity’s events and products through 1Platinum Concierge’s wide network around the world.

Two membership cards with a private ID number are provided to the member and beneficiary.

Corporate Memberships

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Corporate Membership

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Platinum Corporate

The Platinum Corporate Membership is for companies and institutions wanting to give their clients a special treatment by offering them a luxury service that matches their lifestyle.

This membership is popular for companies searching for innovative and convenient life balance services for their current and potential clients.

Platinum Rewards

The Platinum Rewards Membership is for companies wanting to be “the Employers of Choice” by offering their employees a work incentive that has an intrinsic value which has become a necessity for motivation and employee retention saving employees the time spent on mundane tasks leading to an increased productivity at work. The Platinum Rewards is also beneficial for multinational companies that require a lot of traveling for business meetings and expansion purposes.

The Platinum Corporate and Platinum Rewards are customized memberships based on the preferences and requirements of the company.

Platinum Celebrity

The Platinum Voyage is a membership for companies which require extensive travel arrangements within their business operations whether to conduct business meetings, training or for expansion purposes. The travel services include airline tickets, hotel accommodation and transfers in foreign countries as well as corporate hospitality as part of a company’s incentive program.

This type of membership is intended for the company’s management team, employees or their visiting clients. This centralized travel program will lead to cost efficiencies and an organized expenditure process.